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Incorporated in 2002, KPR Gardening is one of the leading consultants and contractors on landscape gardening projects in the country. We work hard all year round to create a healthy, aesthetic, and vibrant landscape environment.
Our company specializes in creating and maintaining distinctive and appealing landscapes suited to each customer's needs. Here you can find maintenance from A to Z. Empty spaces are turned into gardening spaces.
Gardening Maintenance
We do Gardening maintenance services also.
Garden Stone
Gardens of raked sand or gravel and stone are referred to as karesansui gardens which literally translates to dry landscape.
Park Setting
A park is an open area, often found with trees, benches, statues, etc. There is also lots of nature around, such as flowers, animals, trees, and much more.
Landscape Gardening
Landscape gardening is both an art and science of the establishment of ground in such a way that it gives an effect of a natural landscape
Plant Fixing
Nitrogen-fixing plants are those whose roots are colonized by certain bacteria that extract nitrogen from the air and convert or “fix” it into a form required for their growth.
Garden Trimming
Pruning to a plant is like getting a splendid new hairstyle — it will look and feel better for the doing of it. You are aiming to have the perfect form of the plant so it must be done strategically. Crossed branches will rub against each other so this is always a good place to start cutting back
Hybrid Tree Fixing
We Fix the hybrid tree for decoration

Our company specialize in creating and Maintaining distinctive and appealing landscape suited to each customers needs. Here you can find the A toZ Garden Maintainence....

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